Edge Republic

Our Story

We are living in the most interesting times of our generation, there’s so much change that has happened with so little time. For the fashion and lifestyle industry change was every present and now with the tech. revolution and fast fashion it is now a permanent part in our everyday lives. In this fast paced world, family comes on top and with promising careers in fashion, we love a family-oriented business.

EDGE Republic founded in 2009 is managed by the trio of brothers Ahad Azhar, Ahsan Azhar and Adil Azhar Sheikh. From walking the ramps for bridal couture and dressing famous personalities such as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Captain of the Pakistan cricket team Sarfaraz Ahmad, host and actor Faisal Qureshi, Edge Republic has even touched Indian borders. Karan Kundra from the movie 1921 and the star of multiple Indian soap operas has worn EDGE on his best friend’s birthday and multiple society parties.

For Ahad the art had to stand out it had to be about something it had to comment on something it had to position itself in the present day world. The world around Ahad was Pakistan in its consumerism prime. This caught Ahad’s attention as he was in the era which was comforted by movies, fame and celebrity status. To him it was this glossy consumerism that was his reality which could solve everything. He dedicated all his efforts in developing a brand that stood out to provision the masses.

Ten years later his younger brother Adil joined the venture and continued the passion brought forward by Ahad. Adil brought his unique ideas and commercialism to the world of Edge Republic. By carefully designed strategies to cater the fashion world, Edge Republic became a successful brand by recruiting a dedicated team to fulfil the approach that adapts to ever changing markets, customer behaviour and content consumption. Both the brothers together created their own space in the current, crowded competition driven world of lifestyle and fashion.

Edge is all about customers as the focal point as the market is filled with a lot of players competing for the ideal consumer’s attention. Ahad has targeted his market by studying all the underlying trends and making it his business to make his pret wear and customised suits unique.

As Adil joined, he has made Edge Republic a lifestyle and fashion brand as an extension of himself, his values, his views and his story. The first step was to go in the direction of how he wants Edge to be perceived. A brand that caters style, comfort, attitude and image. Adil has invested a major chunk of his time to bring Edge where it is today.

Edge Republic has proudly done the inscription for the the logo of Pakistan Super League’s team Karachi Kings for their brand ambassadors styling the likes of Humayun Saeed and Faisal Qureshi.

By making custom designs, the brothers at EDGE Republic have build their forte in designer Sherwanis, styled suits, designer shirts, designer shalwar kameez and accessories having outlets in Zamzama and Kurta Gali, Tariq Road.

Edge Republic has gained their audience, evolved from there and owned it. With consistency, Edge has built value in their customer’s perspective as they invest themselves wholeheartedly to bring out the best in their experience. The aim is to make their audience walk out in their wardrobe as loyal and satisfied.